Sunday, 21 July 2013

Jacob's Choice

Don't often get a word in the middle of the night but this was one of those times.
The still small voice saying " You have Jacob's choice".
It took me a while to work that out but the gist of it is : Jacob wrestled for the blessing.
He didn't sit back passively and go, "What a shame, I was second born". He made an active plan to get blessed. He worked hard 7 years for Rachel. He even had the cheek to wrestle with God!
In every story to do with Jacob there is a wrestling for the blessing. Interestingly, out of this, he became Israel - prince with God. I think God wants this active seeking after Him and his blessing and seeing what Israel (the nation) has had to endure to get the blessing - knew they needed a strong and dominant gene for perseverance.
Funnily enough, I never paint or like the colour orange but it just kept happening in my artwork lately - turns out orange is the colour for perseverance. Think I'm getting the message a bit more clearly now.